Christmas fingerfood ideas

Lack of inspiration for your Christmas snacks this year? We got you covered! 

Idea 1: Use dippers instead of using a spoon 🥄

To accompany your Christmas verrines, or to dip directly into a guacamole, hummus, or sauce, Mydibel potato dippers are your best ally for the aperitif this year!

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Rosti rond

Idea 2: Forget about the classic mini-burger! 🍔

Mini burgers are a classic appetizer when entertaining guests. But instead of a steak, why not try a Hash Brown Round? Top your mini burger buns with onion confit, a slice of foie gras and add a Mydibel hash brown round. Close the mini burger with a pretty Christmas spade and you've got something to delight your guests! 

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Have a Merry Christmas with Mydibel!