Cooking method
Allergens / Nutritional claims

Premium crunch
7/7 mm - 10/10 mm - 1/4" - 3/8"

Pre-fried and frozen Belgian fries with coating, which results in extra-crispy fries that hold their heat longer. The perfect fries doe institutional kitchens and self-service restaurants.

7/7 mm - 1/4"

Pre-fried and frozen fine-cut Belgian fries

10/20 mm

Pre-fried and frozen steakhouse Belgian fries

Cajun fries
7/7 mm - 1/4"

Perfectly spiced fries to pep up every time you eat... with garlic, onion, paprika, and coarsely ground black pepper.

9/9 mm - 3/8"

Pre-fried and frozen classic-cut Belgian fries

Crinkle cut
12/12 mm - 15/32"

Pre-fried and fronzen crinkle-cut Belgian fries

9/9 mm - 3/8"

Pre-fried and frozen microwave Belgian fries. No deep-fryer required, quick and easy to prepare, only 2-3 min in the microwave.

Potato dippers

Golden-yellow scoop fries... perfect for scooping your favourite sauces and dips during an aperitif.

14/14 mm - 9/16"

Pre-fried and frozen thick-cut Belgian fries