The best thing about my job? The fascinating unpredictability. Everyday brings a new challenge!

From our soil to your soul.


Founded in 1988, Mydibel is constantly growing and evolving. Being now considered as a real competitor in the potato industry with more than 700 employees.

We want to maintain this familial atmosphere and to share this passion for the potato between the employees. Friendliness and direct and open communication are at the heart of our culture. 

34 years of passion and experience

The passion we share with our partners for the potato continuously grew throughout the years. 

Thank to the experience acquired, the strict quality controls implemented and our know-how, we are now able to offer you top-class products

Sustainibility & Innovation

We respect nature and are strongly committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We are proud to express our green philosophy via the 'Green Factory' label. Thank to our own power station, we are able to convert our waste products into green energy. 

Furthermore, we are constantly looking for innovation and continuously improving the competence and professionalism of our employees through training, procedures and investments. 


We are collaborating with around 120 countries in the world. Now that two offices has been created in Miami and in Singapore: we are getting closer to our clients.