From our soil to your soul.

With soil on our shoes and passion in our hearts, we have been transforming potatoes for the last three generations. Our Belgian farm has turned into many potato fields, encouraging our founder Roger Mylle to build a solid team around his family business.

From where we began, we take the same passion, quality and craft into what we do today: creating a wide range of potato products that bring pleasure for everyone to enjoy.

Feet firmly rooted both in the fields and the factory, we make


sure each potato product we create gets all the love and attention it deserves.

Our local potato growers and commercial partners around the world share our values, that run deep within the entire business.

We keep growing with dedication, and our attention to detail and care for nature will never change. We love to innovate and will continue to serve tasty and authentic food for years to come.


From a very young age, Roger Mylle had a passion for the world’s most popular tuber: the potato. That passion was nourished by his parents – farmers in heart and soul. Roger took his first steps in the commercial world as a distributor of agrarian products. Later he specialised in the potato trade. It was his dream to launch a finished potato product someday. Roger bundled his 30 years of experience, a healthy portion of energy and a desire for adventure, and he established Mydibel in 1988. Step by step, he transmitted his passion to his sons, Bruno and Carlo Mylle, and, when he retired in 2009, also handed over the company to his sons, under whose direction Mydibel grew into a dynamic and pioneering family business, active in over 120 countries. 

This is our story, the story of a dream.

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