Welcome to Roger's Farm

We promised you new things to come in 2020, here's one!
It is with pride that Mydibel announces the opening of its Experience Center: Roger's Farm.

The Experience Center

The name Roger's Farm refers to the farm where Mydibel founder Roger Mylle grew up.
A few years ago this family farm was converted into 'Het Bintjeshof' a Bed & Breakfast before finding a new vocation as Mydibel Experience Center.

Open in February, the Roger's Farm Experience Center is the perfect place to inspire our partners and delight our customers. Set in the middle of potato fields, the Roger's Farm Experience Center is located in green surroundings, where visitors can enjoy a warm and cosy experience that immerses them in the DNA of the Mydibel family business.

Culinary demonstrations concocted by our Chef Mark Pizzy will invite visitors to taste our products and discover how to prepare them in optimal conditions and with the latest cooking techniques.

All the ingredients are combined to make Roger's Farm a relaxing and inspiring experience for our visitors.

We look forward to welcoming you there very soon!

Please contact our Sales team for any visit requests.