Mydibel celebrates 30 years of potato passion!

On a sunshiny summer evening in June, Roger Mylle and his sons Bruno and Carlo treated all of the staff to a large party to celebrate Mydibel’s 30th anniversary. It was an inspiring retrospect which started with a boundless passion for potatoes and which can still attribute its success to daring entrepreneurship, ownership and investments. A fabulous past which can look forward to a great future!

During the celebration, CEO Marc Van Herreweghe described some of Mydibel’s remarkable successes:


… worldwide, 8.5 kg of Mydibel products are consumed per second?

… Gramybel saw a 24% growth in sales of granules in the first half of 2018?

… Mydibel is currently experiencing record production volumes?

… the operational numbers of the potato reception department increased by 23% compared to the same period (January to June) last year?

… all of these successes are due to the efforts of our staff?

Hooray for the one and only Happy Potato Family!

The following 30 years are around the corner. We will continue to be ambitious in the future and Roger’s ambition will be fostered by his children. In fact, the third generation is already preparing for it. Jonas Mylle, son of Bruno, already works at Mydibel and has now worked in his training programme for the second year. This involves him working in different departments within the company. Jonas’ sister, Jolien Mylle, has completed her studies in pharmacy and had a first successful external work experience.

She starts now her career at Mydibel as Market Intelligence Officer. Roger’s other grandchildren are currently completing their education. A strong family basis, product and services innovation, energy sustainability, as well as sustainable relationships and partnerships, a focus on staff and teams and state-of-the-art technology… so, is Mydibel ready for the future? You bet it is!