Mr. W. Borsus and Mr. J-L. Crucke visiting our new production site Mydibel Fresh

Willy Borsus, Vice-President of Wallonia and Minister of the Economy, Foreign Trade, Research and Innovation, Digital, Regional Planning, Agriculture, IFAPME and Competence Centers and Jean-Luc Crucke, Walloon Minister of Budget and Finance, Sports Infrastructures and Airports inaugurated this Friday June 18th  the new Mydibel Fresh production site of the Mydibel group.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity for our company to demonstrate on the ground its dynamism both in terms of employment and economic development in the region of Mouscron," said Marc Van Herreweghe, CEO of Mydibel. He continues “our new factory has been operational since September 2020 and running since the beginning of April with 5 teams. We have hired around fifty additional people in recent months to support our ramp-up. Mydibel has invested 170 million Euros since 2016. This is a lot for an SME with 250 million Euros in turnover. We are proud to say that Mydibel remains Mouscron's largest employer, not to mention the 450 farmers - mainly located in Wallonia - that it supports ".

Furthermore, Carlo Mylle adds on “Mydibel Fresh is in a way the flagship of what we do things at  Mydibel. Since the founding of our company in 1988, we have been committed to showing that industrial development can go hand in hand with a reasoned and controlled use of our resources. Here at Mydibel we recover potato waste by transforming it into biogas through a bio-fermentation process. Our engines then convert this biogas into green energy - electrical and thermal. In addition, wastewater from production is also purified on our site. Thanks to the innovative ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technology, it is made drinkable again and is reinjected into our production process ".

And Bruno Mylle continues “By using potato peelings to make biogas, we generate Myfert ™, a very interesting residue for soil fertilization. We distribute it free of charge to farmers who apply it to fertilize fields of potatoes or other crops, reducing their dependence on chemicals. "

Marc Van Herreweghe concludes with these few words “Our company is proud of its independence. It remained 100% family owned for 32 years. But recently to accelerate its development, Mydibel did not hesitate to knock on the door of the S.R.I.W. and to introduce it into its capital up to 20%.”

Since 1988, MYDIBEL has been an innovative family business specializing in the development, production and marketing of potato-based products. It is an understatement to say that MYDIBEL is today a champion in the potato world. We do not know  this well enough, but Belgium is the world leader in the export of frozen potatoes, and MYDIBEL is part of this vein.

Fresh (fries), frozen (fries and potato specialties) and dehydrated (flakes and granules) products are part of the wide range that MYDIBEL offers. Every day, around 2,000 tons of potatoes are transported for processing into finished products.

MYDIBEL invests both in its own brand and under private labels for different segments: catering, retail and industry. The wide range of potato products are exported to more than 130 countries around the world.

Innovation, dynamism, customer orientation, speed, flexibility and continuous investment are part of MYDIBEL's driving forces. MYDIBEL is also strongly focused on technology and digitization, investments are constantly made in advanced production tools, systems and efficient processes for all of its three sites, all based in Mouscron.