Hash browns triangle

± 42 g/pc – ↕ 17mm
Hash browns triangle

The full flavour of potato with a touch of onion. A tasty side dish, easy to portion. 


Packaging CU

12x750 G - 4x2,5 KG


Potatoes (> 91%), Palm oil, Salt, Dextrose, Onion powder, Emulsifier (E464), Spices.

May contains traces of:
Gluten, Milk and Eggs

Allergens / Nutritional claims

Prefried in vegetal oil


Friteuse icon


3-5 min at 175°C
Four icon


15-20 min at 210°C
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Frying pan

10-15 min at medium heat
Airfryer icon


12-14 min at 180°C
Products of the category
Frozen hash browns
Hash browns oval
± 64 g/pc– ± 94x70 mm – ↕ 13-14 mm
The perfect bite-sized snack on the go: a full potato flavour with a hint of onion.
Hash browns round
± 30 g/pc– Ø ± 55 mm – ↕ 17mm
The full flavour of potato with a touch of onion. A tasty side dish, easy to portion.
Hash browns patties
± 64 g/pc – Ø ± 70x100 mm – ↕ 13 mm
Thin, lightly seasoned potato strips on the inside, with a crunchy exterior. Ideal as part of a typical English breakfast.
My'Tiny Taters
± 8 g/pc – Ø ±22 mm – ↕ 26-30 mm
Ready-to-eat has browns make perfect aperitif snacks. Fingerfood at its best !